It’s easy to become a volunteer for the Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter. Just click above and fill out our volunteer form. You can help with a bbq, fundraiser, walk out dogs, play with the cats, sit and sell at a table - or perhaps even join our board. There’s no end to the many things you can volunteer for at the NESPCA. Ask many who have volunteered. It’s fun and very rewarding. Volunteering is fun !

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The Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter North East SPCA Box 189 Melfort, SK S0E1A0 306 752 7722 Charity# 80129 6088 RR0001
You can walk dogs ! Play with the cats and kittens ! Help out at one of our many fundraisers ! Pick the job of your choice in the office, outside, or inside ! Offer your woodworking, display, or electrical abilities. The Skies the limit will all the small jobs availalable.
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Hours 1 pm - 430 pm Tue - Sat
The Harry and Eve Vickar Shelter for the NESPCA
North East SPCA Box 189 Melfort, SK. S0E 1A0 306 752 7722 Charity # 80129 6088 RR0001